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Notices submitted pursuant to the Private Attorney General Act (PAGA) received by the Labor & Workforce Development Agency (“LWDA”) and/or the Department of Industrial Relations (“DIR”) are considered public records under California’s Public Records Act (Government Code, section 6250, et seq.) In general, that law requires a public agency, upon request from any member of the public, to disclose a public record unless the law allows the agency to withhold the record, or to redact some of the information in the record. In the case of documents and information submitted under the PAGA statute, DIR has designated applications for fee waivers as confidential so they will not be provided to members of the public. Also, LWDA & DIR do not disclose an individual’s personal contact information (home address, home phone number, personal email); Social Security or taxpayer identification number; and date of birth.  In accordance with the State Records Management Act, older PAGA records may be destroyed after four years if the matter is no longer active.

Court documents that are received by LWDA under the PAGA are considered public documents and are available at the PAGA Search Page.

The Information Practices Act [“IPA”] (Civil Code, section 1798 et seq.) gives individuals certain rights with respect to their records. To learn more about the Information Practices Act, and how DIR protects individual’s personal information, please see https://www.dir.ca.gov/od_pub/privacy.html. If you have specific questions about how personal information in PAGA records is handled, please write to Privacy@DIR.ca.gov.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE OF REDACTION RESPONSIBILITY: All filers must redact: Social Security or taxpayer identification numbers; personal addresses, personal telephone numbers, personal email addresses, dates of birth; names of minor children; & financial account numbers. This requirement applies to all documents, including attachments.