Bureau Of Field Enforcement (BOFE) Unit

Report of Labor Law Violation

The Report of Labor Law Violation filing is designed to report labor violations affecting a group of employees.  Labor code § 90.5 (b) requires that the Labor Commissioner’s Office identify priorities for investigation to be undertaken in industries, occupations and areas in which employees are relatively low paid and unskilled and occupations and there has been a history of violations. 

Consequently, not all Report of Labor Law Violation are assigned for investigation.  Inspections are commonly targeted in industries or areas where employees are subject to violations involving minimum wage, overtime requirements, child labor, unreported wages and or Workers Compensation Violations that affect a large group of employees.  The Bureau of Field Enforcement does not pursue individual claims. 

Click here for overview of the Bureau of Field Enforcement.  Please keep in mind that even in cases where the Bureau of Field Enforcement starts an investigation, we will not be able to provide details on the course of the investigation as is considered confidential until an action is brought in court or an administrative hearing. The reporting party is normally contacted only if there is a need for additional information.  No updates on the investigation will be provided. 


If you are seeking unpaid wages as well as reporting a labor law violation, you should also file a wage claim.

Section 1. Reporting Party (Individual or Representative)
Reporting Party
If you are an ADVOCATE, or are represented by a lawyer or other advocate, enter your ADVOCATE and ORGANIZATION information:
Advocate Information

Section 2. Employer Reported

Work Locations

Section 3. Work Hours and Wages

What is the Normal or Standard Work Schedule for employees during the week? Provide your best estimate for the start and end times and number of hours worked for each work day. (If employees did not work standard schedules, skip to the next question.)
Enter all time in ##:## format, for example, 09:30, or 12:45

When is the normal or standard scheduled meal period for employees?
Such as Every 2nd Friday, or 1st and 15th of the month.

Section 4. Suspected Violations of Employer

The boxes below describe conduct by an employer that violates the law. Please put a check mark in the box(es) if the employer engages in, or any employee or employees have experienced, any of the following violations:
Minimum Wage Violations
Overtime Violations
Other Unpaid Wages
Pay Stub Violations
Meal Period Violations
Rest Break Violations
Warehouse distribution centers

Pay Date Violations
Garment Manufacturing
Paid sick leave violations
Record Keeping Violations
Business Expense Violation
Failure to Post
Licensing / Registration Violations
California WARN Act Violation(s)
COVID-19 Rehire Violation(s)
Child Labor Violations
Please provide the following information for any minors under the age of 18 who work for the employer
Minor Employee
By check, in cash, both cash and check, or other method
* The Labor Commissioner will maintain confidentiality as appropriate in each case and to the extent provided for under the law. Information may need to be released in some cases.